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I Don’t Believe in God!

I invited a friend to Bible study.  She didn’t hesitate in her reply:  “I’m sorry, but I don’t believe in God. If God does exist, I don’t believe I should be accountable to Him.  If I’m wrong, then I’m willing … Continue reading

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Cohabit or Marry?

Many couples today prefer to cohabit rather than marry. Yet there are some who want to obey God and do what is right. One young man said, “If I don’t think of a girl as a girlfriend, then I’m not … Continue reading

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Putting God to the Test

“I will put God to the test.” But the mere thought broke Efe. She couldn’t hold back her tears when faced with the image of her children leaving her forever. “Now is not the time for tears, she thought. Be strong. … Continue reading

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Summit Ministries for Teens

When the twins, Jessica and James were 16, their parents  forced them to attend a two-week program at Summit Ministries for Teens Conference Center in Colorado Springs, CO. That’s right, they were forced against their will. Their parents explained that this … Continue reading

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Should Christians Drink?

I still remember my first date in college.  We doubled with Gloria, a friend from high school, and her date. I always admired Gloria for her good judgment. I didn’t know then that this was because she was a follower … Continue reading

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Should Newlyweds Tithe?

Brian’s story:  “When we were newlyweds, the thought of getting a full-time job and supporting a wife was frightening.  I was a Christian, yet I was unsure about tithing 10% of our gross income.  My wife and I prayed about it and … Continue reading

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Kids Painting Luggage

Our grandchildren enjoy art projects.  I brought out the acrylic paints and asked them to paint something colorful on our luggage. Why? It’s because our bags are just like most of the other bags on the airport conveyor belts—black!  I … Continue reading

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Summer Servants for Teens

Years ago our church had a Summer Servant program.  The purpose was to train youth for Christian leadership. Each prospective student for the program was given forty Bible verses, which had to be recited from memory before they could participate. … Continue reading

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Preschoolers Quarreling

My preschoolers would sometimes get into quarrels and spats. Typically, I’d say, “Okay! I think we need to talk with Jesus about this.”  I’d gather them together and go to prayer. Afterward, I’d require the guilty person do two things: … Continue reading

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Tell me: Is This Sin?

Alabama, a 15-year-old girl in an African country wrote via  “Dear Kathleen, ‘Please tell me: Is this sin?’ “There is this white guy in my class. I admire him so much that each time I look at him,  I … Continue reading

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