Distraught Young Friend

I received a text from a distraught young friend:   “Kathleen, when you were young, what did you do to help calm yourself when your siblings were being mean to you?” “Hmm.  That was a long time ago.  Actually, I don’t … Continue reading

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I Can’t Forgive My Parents!

I was visiting with a sick, elderly friend. I never knew her to be a follower of Jesus,  yet she expected to go to heaven someday.  She told me the two people she did not look forward to seeing in … Continue reading

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My Cousin’s True Love

Allow me to introduce my cousin Jon and his wife Lauri, whom he laid to rest yesterday.  This couple’s love for Jesus was evident in their lives and in their love for others. They raised four loving and devoted children, … Continue reading

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Does Prayer Work?

My friend Crystal sent out an urgent prayer request via email. Her adult son is afflicted with severe tinnitus—ringing in the ears.  He is not a follower of Jesus. John’s tinnitus began three years ago, but at this time is so … Continue reading

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I’m Bad – God Doesn’t Want Me

I am still rejoicing over 17-year-old Rosemary, a precious new friend. She was incarcerated for six weeks and refused to come to Bible study during that time. Why?  She said she had never been to church, was not religious, and … Continue reading

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