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Infected Computer?

A man with a thick accent called to say he was a computer support technician from Microsoft and my computer was badly infected. I said, “I’ve heard from you guys before and I don’t believe you.  My computer is fine. … Continue reading

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My Story: Born Again – and Healed!

We all have a story and this is mine.   I was 27 when I was born again and healed.  My life changed dramatically. It was nothing I forced on myself or worked for.  I was attending my first Bible … Continue reading

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Please – No Bible Study, Just Prayer!

A group of incarcerated teens followed me into the classroom.  None wanted to come for Bible study.  Instead, they were only coming so I could pray for them. Each shared their specific requests: “Pray my grandma will get well. Pray … Continue reading

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Taking a Cruise? Lead an Onboard Bible Study!

We were on a cruise vacation when I discovered the ship had no Sunday church service scheduled. I prayerfully approached the cruise director and asked if I could lead a little Bible study/prayer meeting onboard. He gave permission and assigned … Continue reading

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What? A 40-Day Fast?

What a privilege while visiting friends in another city, to attend church with them.  I was impressed with the pastor’s biblical teaching. It was serious, sound and deep. Both the pastor and the worship team were young, yet they led … Continue reading

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How to Start a Spiritual Conversation

Larry went to a fast-food restaurant to answer some questions for a new believer he’d recently met.  The guy didn’t show. Larry had brought a helpful book to give him. He was getting ready to leave when he felt God … Continue reading

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Do Christians Need to be Different?

I was speaking to a group of prisoners, explaining that many people claim to be Christian, but they live and act no differently than anyone else.  If people are truly Christian, they should be different from the rest of the … Continue reading

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Missionaries to America?

Two of my favorite people are M & F, a young couple who first approached our Bible table at the beach, five years ago. They had been married five years and were newly pregnant. They were from a European country … Continue reading

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Incarcerated 14-year-old & God

I met Marten at the juvenile facility. He’s 14 and incarcerated for the first time. He came to Bible study because he said he’d “met God” a few days ago and wanted to officially surrender his life to Christ. Said … Continue reading

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