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While traveling in Myanmar (formerly Burma), our Buddhist guide shared that Karma was basic to his faith.  “Karma is the belief that your current station in life is a direct result of the way you lived in a previous life.” … Continue reading

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Superstition, Luck and Buddhism

We have wonderful memories from our trip to Myanmar—formerly Burma.   We not only learned about the people and the country, we also learned about their religion: Buddhism. For example, we learned that Buddhists don’t believe in a personal God!  … Continue reading

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Guitar on the Soccer Field

I enjoy playing guitar on Sunday mornings and leading the Sunday school children in worship.  I started doing this when I first came to the Lord–before our children were born.  Now I’m a grandma. A few weeks ago I began … Continue reading

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In a Relationship

I received an email from 22-year-old John in Kenya, via Global Media Outreach, for which I am an online missionary. “I am in a relationship and I need advice on how we can live happily loving each other without limitations.” “Dear John, … Continue reading

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Elohim is Plural?

I was having a discussion with an older Jewish gentleman who was studying the Torah. He said, “I know you’re a student of the Bible.  But did you know the word for God in the Bible is Elohim—and that word … Continue reading

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Clean Up Your Language!

Often the incarcerated teens who come to Bible study will make a decision to follow Jesus. Yet they have a habit of cursing and want help in overcoming this habit.  Here is my message for them: It’s important to clean … Continue reading

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Mom, I Don’t Wanna Go to Church!

The kids and I always went to church weekly. One Sunday when Mark was 10,  he said he wanted to stay home and watch TV with Dad. I quietly said, “Go get dressed.” “But Mom, I don’t wanna go!  I … Continue reading

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“I’m Gay”

A 17-year-old told his parents, “I don’t believe in God anymore.  I no longer want to be a Christian.” His father listened and then said,  “Tell me what else is going on in your life.” “I’m gay.” That was it.  … Continue reading

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Muslim Teen & the Occult

As an online missionary with Global Media Outreach––I receive many emails from people in Muslim majority countries. Susan, 16,  has written from the Middle East for over a year.  She’s had a fascination for vampire books and movies, witchcraft and … Continue reading

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