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Gateways to Better Education

The mission of  Gateways to Better Education’s  is to create faith-friendly public schools where students have the freedom to express their faith and learn about the importance of the Bible and Judeo-Christian history, thought, and values. They envision public schools … Continue reading

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Porn in the Auto Shop

Yesterday my car was due for an oil change.  I entered the waiting room of the auto shop and discovered the television was blaring what first appeared to be porn! It was actually an offensive talk show with a guest … Continue reading

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I’m Fearful About My Future

A young man from Indonesia wrote me through .  He said he was worried and had fears about the future. I shared with him something our pastor once said: “There are three things we should never worry about: the future, … Continue reading

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Don’t Divorce!

I’ve known my young friend Jacqui since before her marriage.  She has a loving husband who is a devoted father to their children.  Jacqui is also very beautiful. She recently received a substantial inheritance, but she’s unhappy.  She claims she … Continue reading

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Sunday Fun on the Beach Promenade

Sunday our team was on the beach promenade again. What fun! We had just set up our table and Renee started playing her accordion when a man walked up. He saw our signage: “Free Books,” “God Talk,” and “Need Prayer? … Continue reading

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