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Praying Together, Staying Together

Can praying together hold a marriage together? Perhaps. It seem that most incarcerated teens are from single-parent homes—but not all.  One night a 17-year-old was grieving over disappointing his parents by getting into trouble. “They are good parents. They have been … Continue reading

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Death in Our Neighborhood

We recently had a sudden death in our neighborhood. The entire block was shocked and saddened by the loss.  I felt compelled to use the situation for the Lord. I purchased a box of Thanksgiving cards and then wrote a … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving History

A brief history of Thanksgiving to share at your family gathering: The first Thanksgiving Day began after the harvest of November 1621.  Governor William Bradford of the 1620 Pilgrim Colony, in Plymouth, Massachusetts proclaimed: “All ye Pilgrims with your wives … Continue reading

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After School Bible Stories

She is 85.  Every week this dear woman and her husband place their two folding chairs under a tree in the large grassy area of their apartment complex.  Little children are invited to sit on a blanket to hear Trudy and Clarence tell a Bible story. … Continue reading

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Anxiety Attack Solution

Eight-year-old Alex was experiencing anxieties. His mother asked him to bring a note pad and pencil and write some instructions for what to do when this happens.  She didn’t know what she would tell him to write, but she was … Continue reading

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Anxiety Attack!

An eight-year-old was experiencing anxiety. “I’m not sick, Mom. I just have a scary feeling inside me. I get afraid and I don’t know why. Whenever you and Dad are with me I feel fine. Or if I’m playing a game or have … Continue reading

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Time for Divorce

Fifteen years is a long time to live with an unreasonable, demanding husband.  Susan had come to Christ ten years earlier and found great peace in experiencing God’s love and forgiveness.  Tom wasn’t interested in spiritual things and continued to … Continue reading

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Cohabitating with Girlfriend

A friend asked me to write a letter to her 24-year-old son who was cohabitating with his girlfriend.  “Tell him he’s living in sin—he won’t listen to me!” Coincidentally, I wanted to write him anyway!  Ron and I had recently … Continue reading

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What Are Indulgences?

I was raised Roman Catholic.  When I was 16, I used my babysitting money to purchase a Catholic Missal from the church bookstore–a prayer book of indulgences. We learned in catechism class that we were all sinners–I certainly knew I … Continue reading

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