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Killing Christians

I recently read Killing Christians: Living the Faith Where It’s Not Safe to Believe  by Tom Doyle…  He also wrote Dreams and Visions.  He begins by explaining that the Church in America is not strong because the Church in … Continue reading

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Wood Chips

A house in our neighborhood has mountains of wood chips in the front yard. Over time the chips have been neglected, and lately there is a large pile out by the curb. I was thinking as I passed by,  that … Continue reading

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Nobody Wants Bible Study Tonight?

One evening I walked into the day room at the juvenile hall and discovered that none of the guys had requested Bible study that night. Not even one! So I walked among the minors and asked them myself.  It was … Continue reading

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“I’m Bisexual”

As an online missionary for Global Media Outreach, I’ve been mentoring 20-year-old Mary  from the Philippines for several months.  Recently, she admitted something new: “Even though I’m a Christian, I need to tell you that I’m bisexual. I’ve never had … Continue reading

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Nobody is Born a Christian!

Today our power walk took us out on the pier where there were fishermen to meet. We watched one guy haul in a baby sting ray!  Another pulled up his crab basket with a small catch. We enjoyed our chat … Continue reading

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Choose NOW to Be a Leader

I told our kids when they were young that they could decide now whether they would be leaders or followers as adults.  If they choose to become followers of Jesus, they would be leaders, because people often watch Christians. But if … Continue reading

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Depression & Anxiety

A couple of months ago there were several articles that came out stating that of all professions, it’s medical doctors who have the highest incidence of stress, anxiety and depression. A young doctor who is a blogger wrote,  “My stress … Continue reading

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Pre-med Students In Africa

Our young friend Liam is still an undergrad, but hopes to someday be accepted to medical school.  His Christian university organized a six-week medical mission trip for pre-med  students to be a support to the medical missionaries at a hospital … Continue reading

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