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First Date

A young couple was on their first date. Both were in their twenties and both were followers of Jesus.  The young man opened the door of the car for the young lady,  then he went to the driver’s side. Before … Continue reading

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Every Trip a Mission Trip

Just think — a river cruise mission trip!  What a privilege and joy to accompany our friends, Cheryl and Ken on such an adventure. Frankly, whenever Cheryl and I are together, it’s always a mission trip! The cruise director said she was … Continue reading

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On the Beach in Mexico

We recently visited a beach community in Mexico.  Some in our group were nervous about the high crime rate.  Do we dare take a walk on the beach?  It was 10 AM and seemed safe enough to me.  We started … Continue reading

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My Name is Kathleen

A young woman stopped at our Bible table at the beach.  One of the guys was answering her questions and sharing the Lord with her.  Then I noticed her glance over at me.  She looked familiar. After a while, she … Continue reading

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Ghosts in China

I was walking along the beach promenade with a friend when we spotted two  girls trying to take a selfie of themselves with the high surf in the background. I asked if I could help them out by taking a … Continue reading

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How Do We Reach Out in Love?

A friend told me she grew up in a home that didn’t know God. The only time she was ever inside a church was for a wedding or funeral. Consequently, churches were mysterious and intimidating. After she married she noticed her … Continue reading

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What if YOU Were God?

She was angry when she stopped at our Bible table at the beach.  She looked about 20 and was yelling as she approached:  “This is wrong!  You should not be permitted to be here!   It’s wrong when one group … Continue reading

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Getting Up at 5 AM—for the Lord

Had an extraordinary two days! I was invited to speak in another city at three separate church fellowships—in two days. The first was a Presbyterian Church Women’s Luncheon with even some men in attendance.  Lovely people.  Went well. That evening … Continue reading

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Cruise Ship Sermon

I shared with our women’s Bible study about our experiences on cruise ships and how I will offer to do a Sunday church service.  You might like to hear that message. Here it is. ~ Kathleen Subject: Kathleen’s Talk, 12 … Continue reading

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