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Please Hug Them

I cannot remember a time of more universal tragedy and confusion as in the past 12 months. Nor do I see its end in sight! As an online missionary with Global Media Outreach,  I receive daily emails from people worldwide … Continue reading

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I Want to Come Back

Monique is a Caribbean teen I’ve been mentoring via Global Media Outreach. She began writing ten months ago, several times a week.  She’s intelligent, writes well and asks profound questions, which led me to believe she was an older teen. … Continue reading

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If America Falls

Nisha is a woman in India who writes to me via Global Media Outreach. She is growing in her Christian faith, but she is fearful: “We have always thought of America as strong and good. The world has looked to … Continue reading

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Three Words

“Jesus loves you!” she said to the young mother with the sick child. “Jesus loves you!” she told the troubled wife. “Jesus loves you!” she called to the woman in the church lobby. “Jesus loves you!” heard the young new … Continue reading

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Teen Can’t Read

I first met Monica when she was 16 and incarcerated for the eighth time. She told me she had multiple problems for which she took an abundance of medication. She said she had ADD—Attention Deficit Disorder.  She claimed she could … Continue reading

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A Grandma Visit

Our granddaughter brought her friend for a sleepover.  These little third graders came with a list of all the fun things they planned to do, including cooking lessons from me! It was comical to watch them unpack their backpacks and … Continue reading

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