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My Grandmother’s Childhood

As a 9th grader, our son’s English assignment was to interview an older relative and then write his/her story.  He chose to interview his grandmother, my mom.  The following is his narrative. My grandmother was the youngest of four children. … Continue reading

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Imprisonment, Torture, Even Death

SW didn’t understand the God her mother worshiped, or why she spent every day praying—often openly—risking arrest, imprisonment, torture, even death.   “Life is trouble. If there’s trouble, you should pray,” SW’s mother would say. As the years passed, SW’s mother … Continue reading

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Do You Know About Teen Challenge?

In 1968 Teen Challenge of Southern California was in its 5th years.  Tom was in his 22nd year.  He was 6’1″ but weighed just 135 pounds.  Drugs were killing him.  When he got arrested again, his probation officer offered two … Continue reading


First Kiss on Wedding Day?

I sometimes ask the incarcerated minors in my Bible study, “Is it easy to allow Jesus Christ to be Number One in your life?  Is it easy to make Him your Lord?” They’ll typically answer, “Yeah, it’s easy.” Then I … Continue reading

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Aaron is Dying? Lord, He Doesn’t Know You!

Aaron is dying?  Our dear friend and neighbor suddenly discovered he had terminal cancer. We were heartbroken. Aaron was not religious, but neither were we.  Yes, I had recently come to know Jesus as my Lord.  Yes, I wanted to … Continue reading

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Incarcerated Teen Surrenders to Jesus

The following is a story from my time as a Bible study facilitator for our county juvenile facility: An incarcerated teen was eager to surrender his life to Jesus.  Once he did, he began to change. He shared that he … Continue reading

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Don’t Say “I Love You” for Six Months?

When our young friends Susan and Mark were dating, they read a book together.  It suggested that couples not discuss marriage for six months. “Nor should one say, ‘I love you’ for six months.  In fact, you should not say, … Continue reading

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Church on Cruise Ship Flopped!

Dan and I were blessed to take a Mediterranean cruise. Unlike other cruise lines, this one did not offer a church service.  So I prayed and then went to see the cruise director. I offered to conduct an interdenominational service … Continue reading

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