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Satan, Author of Every Curse

Recently, as an online missionary for Global Media Outreach, I received the following letter from a contact in India: Dear K,  Someone put on me a spell of black magic to harm my life. I have been facing health problems … Continue reading

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The Appreciation Brunch

I was invited to the annual appreciation brunch for volunteers who work with incarcerated teens. They had asked, in advance, some of the volunteers to share what they do with the incarcerated youth, although nobody asked me.  There were professional … Continue reading

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Big Brian—The Gentle Giant

Brian was big—yet I knew he was gentle. At 17, he began sharing his new faith with the other incarcerated teens. Sometimes because of his size, the younger ones felt compelled to agree with him. One night he was waiting … Continue reading

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Man Down! Lock Down!

There were eight incarcerated minors attending my Bible study, when the nurse arrived to distribute medication. Two of my guys excused themselves to take pills and quickly returned. Big Brian was seated next to me. Ten minutes after taking his … Continue reading

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Bedtime Devotions with Kids

When our kids were small, we watched very little TV—and none in the evenings. By 7 PM the kids were fed, bathed and sitting in our bed waiting for story time and prayer. I would read children’s devotionals and Bible … Continue reading

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You Came to Me in Jail

One day while shopping in a popular chain store I noticed a sales clerk looking at me and smiling.  Later, I moved a few aisles over and there she was again—looking my way and smiling. Finally she came up and … Continue reading

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Praying on the Phone

Tonight I received the following joyful email from a long-time friend: “My coworker, Julie, is not a believer. Her sister, Mary Lou, has pancreatic cancer and it appears she does not have long to live. Understandably, Mary Lou is anxious … Continue reading

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Praying for the Gardener

We have had the same gardener for ten years and he is dear to us.  He often brings his two teenage sons to work with him.  They come for two hours twice a month. Over the years I’ve shared the … Continue reading

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