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No Broken Bones!

There were plenty of surfers and walkers along the beach promenade, but then a strong wind picked up.  We tried putting weights on our literature, but the wind became too strong!  We decided to pack up our Bibles and books … Continue reading

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I Don’t Believe in Heaven OR Hell

Two young men walked past our Bible table at the beach.  As they walked on, one of the men kept looking back at us. So I waved him over, “Come and check out our table!  It’s all free and there’s … Continue reading

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Sunday Fun on the Beach Promenade

Sunday our team was on the beach promenade again. What fun!  We’d just set up our table and one from our team began playing her accordion when a man walked up.  He saw our signage: “Free Books,” “God Talk” and … Continue reading

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Don’t Divorce!

I’ve known my young friend “Jacqui” since before her marriage.  She has a loving husband who is a devoted father to their children.  Jacqui is also very beautiful.  She recently received a substantial inheritance, but she’s unhappy.  She claims she … Continue reading

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Please Help Me!

It is my honor and privilege to be an online missionary for Global Media Outreach —  Some people write with challenging questions.  Then there are others.  Recently I received a letter from a troubled 21-year-old chemical engineering student from … Continue reading

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