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Praying Together, Staying Together

Can praying together hold a marriage together? Perhaps. It seem that most incarcerated teens are from single-parent homes—but not all. One night at the juvenile facility, a 17-year-old was grieving over disappointing his parents by getting into trouble. “They are … Continue reading

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The Most Exciting Day of Your Life

When her first grandchild was born she was ecstatic!  She exclaimed to her son-in-law, “Isn’t it wonderful?  Isn’t this the most exciting day of your life?” His reply:  “No, I can’t say that it is.”           … Continue reading

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The Homeless – What to Do?

We have a homeless population in our community and often we see them panhandling on the streets.  I decided to call the police department and ask their suggestion on how best we can help. I was strictly advised, “Do not … Continue reading

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Professor Ridicules Christian

Rachel was a university sophomore taking Spanish. The professor, speaking Spanish, asked the class a question:  “How many of you believe in angels? Rachel was the only one to raise her hand. The professor chuckled.  “Tell us why you believe … Continue reading

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Enemies in County Jail

Here’s a precious memory from my years doing jail ministry: One night I was doing a Bible study with two men in county jail who were enemies.They were in the medical unit,  as one had a broken leg and the … Continue reading

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