Sunday Fun on the Beach Promenade

Sunday our team was on the beach promenade again. What fun!  We’d just set up our table and one from our team began playing her accordion when a man walked up.  He saw our signage: “Free Books,” “God Talk” and “Need Prayer? Let us Pray for You!”   He looked over our books and Bibles and asked us a few questions about our beliefs.  Then he opened his wallet and handed me a crisp $100 bill.

I said, “We’re not selling anything.  Everything you see is free.”

He said, “And I’m not buying anything.  I like what I see.  I’d like you to take this and buy more Bibles.”

I thanked him and said I would.  He hung out with us for about 20 minutes and watched as we interacted with others.

A bubbly high school student stopped by.  She was from out of town, and a participant in the surfing competition in progress up the beach.  She was excited as she looked at our Bibles and began asking questions.

She said, “My mother is very spiritual, but she doesn’t really know what she believes—she’s kind of mixed up.  My father is a strong atheist.  I’m in the middle and have been searching for truth since junior high.  I’ve read and studied about every religion I can.  The one that makes the most sense to me is Christianity.  But I do have some questions.” She asked one question after another, smiling and eager to learn more.

It was getting close to the time of her next heat and she had to hurry.  She said she wished she could talk with me further. So I told her I was an online missionary with Global Media Outreach. I suggested she go to  where she could learn a great deal. If she wants me to mentor her, she could click on “Talk to Someone.”  She will see a place to make a comment. I gave her my code name so she could enter it there.  She said she would.

Before she left I loaded her down with some tracts, a Bible and a DVD from .   As she ran off she said, “Thank you! I’m so happy!”

This life is temporary.  This life is short.  When this life is over, our bodies will die and become empty shells, but our souls will continue to live forever.  Where will the “real you” live?  Will you live for all eternity separated from God?  Or will you spend eternity in the presence of God in heaven?   Learn more so you can make your most important decision:  and

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About Kathleen

God delights in working through His people as they submit to Him. Jesus said to go into all the world and preach the good news to everyone (Mark 16:15). No matter where we live on this planet, people are separated from God because of sin. We ALL need a Savior, and there’s only ONE. It brings me great joy to share Christ with the lost and lonely. Over the years I’ve learned a great deal while facilitating Bible studies. I’ve found myself on college and university campuses, the beach, the streets, the hospital, the jail and the juvenile facility for incarcerated teens sharing God’s message of love. I also serve as an online missionary with Global Media Outreach. I’ve seen countless lives transformed when people turn away from sin and turn to Jesus. The changes God makes are real and lasting. These are some of my experiences. NOTE: My stories have been altered, removing any and all identifying factors. This includes names and other particulars in order to protect confidentiality and anonymity.
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10 Responses to Sunday Fun on the Beach Promenade

  1. John K says:

    Faith is the beginning of knowledge

  2. Kristy says:

    Amen Kathleen! What a wonderful day you had at the beach!

  3. fking1371 says:

    Kathleen, as I reflect on the high school student, I believe her parents’ spiritual status affected hers. One parent was an atheist; the other knew not what she believes. Parents have serious bearing on where their children land spiritually.

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