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Beach Bible Table

I Don’t Want Another Divorce

We had our Bible table set up on the beach promenade, when a man stopped by.  He appeared to be middle aged, said he’d been divorced once and was now living with a girlfriend.  Said he’d like to be married … Continue reading

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Suicide? Homicide?

It was an unusually busy afternoon at the beach.  Many stopped at the table.  Some were asking for prayer for numerous concerns. Others wanted guidance and direction about marriage, etc. One such man, about 50, was feeling depressed.  He was … Continue reading

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God Did it Again!

My friend M and I were on a power walk near the harbor. We passed the boat dock and noticed two men fishing off the dock. On our return I noticed they were still there.  “Hey! Why don’t we go … Continue reading

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Beach Ministry With Music

There were six of us at the beach table, and a productive time it was! Renee brought her accordion and I had my guitar and together we praised the Lord in music. A clean-cut young father asked for prayer. He … Continue reading

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Keep Praying! Let’s See What God Does!

That day there were only two of us working the Bible table at the beach.  Josh is a tall, muscular young man, with a deep love for Christ. We had just finished praying for a man who had asked for … Continue reading

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Group Home – Teaching at the Beach

There was a great deal of activity around our Beach Bible table yesterday. But the highlight was the precious group of teenage girls from a group home. One girl said she rarely sees her parents. When they’re together she feels … Continue reading

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Colorado When I Die

We met a fisherman who was fishing off the pier.  We talked to him about fish – and then about God.  I asked him the question, “If you were to die today, where do you think you’d go?”  He said, … Continue reading

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Walk & Witness

I invited my friend Shari to join me to walk and witness down by the pier.   We met on the beach promenade, tracts in hand and the smell of ocean in the air. The first thing we did was … Continue reading

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Beach Fun

Sunday afternoon our team headed to the beach promenade to give away free books and Bibles. We were still unloading when people began arriving in groups! One man was carrying a large backpack of food and clothing to give to … Continue reading

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Demonic Scream

A young father and son walked near our Bible table at the beach.  The child was perhaps 3-years-old.  The father was covered with tattoos and body piercings. Both of them had matching hair–purple mohawks! I smiled and said, “Hello. This … Continue reading

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