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Spirit House

We were privileged to travel to Cambodia and actually visit some private homes. I noticed the homes in the villages each had a small spirit house outside, usually perched on a pedestal, facing the front of the home. Some of … Continue reading

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Seeing Clearly Through the Smog

It was on a smoggy day that I received an unexpected letter from someone I loved.  I wasn’t prepared for its disturbing contents which hurt deeply. It was a letter of anger and bottled-up emotions, being vented in one huge … Continue reading

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Killing Christians

I recently read Killing Christians: Living the Faith Where It’s Not Safe to Believe  by Tom Doyle…  He also wrote Dreams and Visions.  He begins by explaining that the Church in America is not strong because the Church in … Continue reading

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“I’m Bisexual”

As an online missionary for Global Media Outreach, I’ve been mentoring 20-year-old Mary  from the Philippines for several months.  Recently, she admitted something new: “Even though I’m a Christian, I need to tell you that I’m bisexual. I’ve never had … Continue reading

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Depression & Anxiety

A couple of months ago there were several articles that came out stating that of all professions, it’s medical doctors who have the highest incidence of stress, anxiety and depression. A young doctor who is a blogger wrote,  “My stress … Continue reading

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Divorce: Two Selfish People

My friend Roxanne saw a lawyer and filed for divorce!  “We are two selfish people who never should have married. Greg no longer attends church and living with him has become more and more difficult.”   Married ten years, there are no … Continue reading

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Suicide and Hopelessness

Suicide in the U.S. is on the increase. We know it.  I just read that 20 veterans per day committed suicide in 2017. That’s huge!  What brings people to the point of suicide? I believe it’s depression and a sense … Continue reading

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Christians in Vietnam

A worker teaching Christian leaders in Vietnam shares this experience: I immediately realized that not one of these pastors owned a Bible and that they were waiting to hear from Scripture. As I started sharing, one pastor raised his hand. “Excuse me … Continue reading

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Man With Terminal Cancer

We attended an out-of-town function and were seated with a younger couple.  We visited awhile and learned that Jim had terminal cancer.  Neither he nor his girlfriend had any religious affiliation, but Jim was clearly disturbed about his condition. Whenever he spoke … Continue reading

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Man on the Street in Greece

I chatted with a man while waiting for my husband to get our rental car in Greece. Nikos told me about his wife and kids, his vineyard, and his olive trees. I told him I was curious about the beautiful Greek … Continue reading

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