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Ministering to the sick or dying

A Friend Died Today

What a shock to receive an early morning text from her daughter: “My mom passed away at 5:30 AM today.  Thank you for being her friend.” Sue was a dear friend.  We exercised together and sometimes walked on the beach … Continue reading

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My Uncle Just Died

The tree trimmers had just arrived and began working on our tree, when their boss, whom I’d never before met, wanted to speak with me. “I just received a phone call that my uncle just died.  He wasn’t even sick. … Continue reading

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It’s Impolite to Stare

A disabled man with a shriveled leg,                                                                                                  Loaded down with a grocery bag                                                                                                   Somehow manages his own wheelchair                                                                                              I quickly turn away, it’s impolite to stare. A woman approaches, pushed from behind                                                                                Distorted, deformed, bitter, unkind                                                                                                    I resist the temptation … Continue reading

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Jesus Transforms Psychiatric Inmate

Remember Rosemary from the medical unit at the jail?  Her psychiatric symptoms diminished shortly after she surrendered her life to Jesus.  She was then transferred to a regular unit. During her first few weeks in jail she was concerned her … Continue reading


Praying on the Phone

Tonight I received the following joyful email from a long-time friend: “My coworker, Julie, is not a believer. Her sister, Mary Lou, has pancreatic cancer and it appears she does not have long to live. Understandably, Mary Lou is anxious … Continue reading

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Aaron is Dying? Lord, He Doesn’t Know You!

Aaron is dying?  Our dear friend and neighbor suddenly discovered he had terminal cancer. We were heartbroken. Aaron was not religious, but neither were we.  Yes, I had recently come to know Jesus as my Lord.  Yes, I wanted to … Continue reading

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On the Beach in Mexico

We recently visited a beach community in Mexico.  Some in our group were nervous about the high crime rate.  Do we dare take a walk on the beach?  It was 10 AM and seemed safe enough to me.  We started … Continue reading

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Singing a Man Into Heaven

Years ago I was blessed to be involved in a music ministry with two precious women. Their voices were professional. Mine was mediocre. But they needed me — I played guitar and could harmonize. Every Thursday, the three of us … Continue reading

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Ready to Face Eternity?

An acquaintance shared with me that she’s undergoing cancer treatment and may not have long to live.   I was both surprised and sorry.  Sorry, because I’m not sure she’s ready to face eternity. I’ve never known her to be interested … Continue reading

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From Prostitution To Jesus

My friend Anita is a beautiful and godly woman.  She and her husband are leaders in their church.  They love the Lord Jesus and are quick to obey Him when it comes to serving others.  Anita is a singer and … Continue reading

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