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May I See the Custodian?

Did you know?  When a good church teaches from the Bible, it’s not just the pastor who has a strong faith in God.  The other workers, even the custodians are committed to Jesus Christ as well. One late afternoon a … Continue reading

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A Man Sitting on the Sand

I was walking on the beach and met a man sitting on the sand with his baby.  Juan was waiting for his wife and kids while they played in the surf. I admired his baby and then visited with him … Continue reading

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Life Savings Are Gone

As an online missionary for Global Media Outreach–www.godlife.com — I received an email from Gordon in an African country.  He’s a solid Christian, but his life savings and property are gone, confiscated by lawyers through the courts. His question:  “What could be … Continue reading

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Jesus Is Your Lord? NOT!

We met a young man fishing on the pier alone.  We visited for awhile before I offered him a good news booklet about Jesus. He said, “Actually, I made  Jesus my Lord and Savior two years ago!   But I’ve stopped … Continue reading

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Mom, I Don’t Wanna Go to Church!

The kids and their mom always went to church weekly. One Sunday when Mark was 10,  he said he wanted to stay home and watch TV with Dad. His mother quietly said, “Go get dressed.” “But Mom, I don’t wanna … Continue reading

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“How Can I Get God in My Life?”

One Sunday afternoon at the beach a man came to our Bible table and asked, “How can I get God in my life?” I gave him the simple message of the Gospel:  “Jesus came to live a sinless life so … Continue reading

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The Fourth Commandment

The Fourth Commandment instructs us to keep the Lord’s Day holy.  Notice it does not say to merely keep one hour holy.  Rather, the DAY is to be kept holy. Our daughter and I were reading Martha Finley’s Elsie Dinsmore … Continue reading

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You Came to Me in Jail

One day while shopping in a popular chain store I noticed a sales clerk looking at me and smiling.  Later, I moved a few aisles over and there she was again—looking my way and smiling. Finally she came up and … Continue reading

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Getting Up at 5 AM—for the Lord

Had an extraordinary two days! I was invited to speak in another city at three separate church fellowships—in two days. The first was a Presbyterian Church Women’s Luncheon with even some men in attendance.  Lovely people.  Went well. That evening … Continue reading

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Ask Forgiveness

Years ago I offended my friend Elizabeth.  In truth,  I betrayed her confidence.  She was so hurt by my action that our friendship ended. I pushed the guilt to the back of my mind.  It would not be a problem avoiding … Continue reading

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