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Should Christians Drink?

I still remember my first date in college.  We doubled with Gloria, a friend from high school, and her date.  I always admired Gloria for her good judgment.  I didn’t know then that this was because she was a follower … Continue reading

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The Miracle of the 18-Wheeler

It was dark and we were driving through a large, unfamiliar city—in the days before GPS.  The kids were in the back seat, one was asleep. We were looking for our hotel, but clearly we were lost. Dan made a … Continue reading

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Heaven Bound ‘Cuz I’m Baptized

A young mother wrote that she and her newborn daughter had recently been baptized to secure their admission into heaven: “I was baptized last week with little Mikayla,  but now I’m scared. Does this mean I won’t see my grandparents … Continue reading

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