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Prisoners in Lockdown

A story from my years doing jail ministry: One evening at the jail I discovered the prisoners in the women’s unit were in lockdown because of disorderly conduct.  Those wanting a Bible study would not be permitted out of their … Continue reading

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I Don’t Want Another Divorce

We had our Bible table set up on the beach promenade, when a man stopped by.  He appeared to be middle aged, said he’d been divorced once and was now living with a girlfriend.  Said he’d like to be married … Continue reading

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The Sign of the Cross and the Holy Spirit

A memory from ministering to incarcerated teens: Many incarcerated minors call themselves Catholic, even though they may be unchurched. They are proud to show their tattoos of rosary beads, the Virgin Mary or the crucifix. They are quick to make … Continue reading

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A Christian Tree

Not getting a Christmas Tree this year? Neither are we.  Hey, it’s work!  Moreover, the kids won’t be coming until after Christmas. But still we’ll decorate, keeping it simple.  We have fresh pyracantha berries growing outside, jade succulents and a … Continue reading

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Why Stay in an Unhappy Marriage?

Recently I overheard a Christian man make this appalling statement:  “Why would anyone stay in an unhappy marriage? Life is short! Get a divorce and move on!” How could a follower of Jesus say such a thing?  I listened from … Continue reading

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