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Gay Identity Confusion

Annie and Jason were two kids I loved and watched grow up. When they needed money I’d put them to work doing odd jobs. They loved my cooking. Perhaps it was because they were young that they’d always devour whatever … Continue reading

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It’s BAD!

I was standing near the jewelry counter when a young man called out to his friend,  “Hey! Come and look at this watch!  It’s BAD!” His friend hurried to look. He agreed it was a “bad” watch! I was curious. … Continue reading

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The Telephone

The phone rang again.  Another solicitor.  It’s DAILY!   Most are automated recordings, but not all.  This one was live!  Perhaps the Lord wants me to reach out to him.  He asked if I needed a handy man. “No, I’m … Continue reading

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Teen Floats Between Group Homes

From my years at the juvenile facility: Robert is 17 and has lived in group homes since he was 11.  His mother loves him, but is unstable. His older brother committed suicide a few months ago. He said he’d like … Continue reading

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My Name is Kathleen

A young woman stopped at our Bible table at the beach.  One of the guys was answering her questions and sharing the Lord with her.  Then I noticed her glance over at me.  She looked familiar. After a while, she … Continue reading

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Spider Web

As an online missionary with Godlife.com, I have several people in other countries who are doing an online Bible study with me.  One recently wrote the following: “Please, can you help me?  I need some direction on this issue:  There … Continue reading


An Inmate Gets Released

I used to visit Dan,  a young man at the county jail who had suicidal tendencies. We would study the Bible and pray together and soon he had given his life to Jesus Christ. The changes were real.  He had genuine … Continue reading

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Glioblastoma Brain CA & Prayer

My friend Eileen passed away recently from Glioblastoma–brain cancer.  During her final months she went to live with her sister in a distant city. I kept in touch with Eileen by phone, but in her last weeks she could no longer talk. However, … Continue reading

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Sharing Christ in a Communist Country

What a privilege it was to visit Southeast Asia, specifically Vietnam and Cambodia. Both are Buddhist majority countries.  Vietnam is also a communist country and is listed among the top countries in the world that persecute Christians. I was uncomfortable … Continue reading

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We recently had a huge wildfire in the hills above our home.  It quickly  developed into the largest fire in California history with 700 homes destroyed locally.  The hot, dry winds induced the fire to rapidly spread to surrounding communities … Continue reading

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