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It’s Impolite to Stare

A disabled man with a shriveled leg,                                                                                                  Loaded down with a grocery bag                                                                                                   Somehow manages his own wheelchair                                                                                              I quickly turn away, it’s impolite to stare. A woman approaches, pushed from behind                                                                                Distorted, deformed, bitter, unkind                                                                                                    I resist the temptation … Continue reading

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Please Hug Them

I cannot remember a time of more universal tragedy and confusion as in the past 12 months. Nor do I see its end in sight! As an online missionary with Global Media Outreach,  I receive daily emails from people worldwide … Continue reading

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Glioblastoma Brain CA & Prayer

My friend Eileen passed away recently from Glioblastoma–brain cancer.  During her final months she went to live with her sister in a distant city. I kept in touch with Eileen by phone, but in her last weeks she could no longer talk. However, … Continue reading

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