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Christmas Gifts & Kids

My husband and I are from large nuclear families. Consequently, when our children were small they would receive an abundance of gifts.  We wanted to prevent them from being overwhelmed on Christmas morning.  So a couple weeks before Christmas, we’d … Continue reading

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The Fifth Commandment – or Who Cares!

We trained our kids NOT to say “I don’t care!” or “Who cares!”  If they uttered either of these phrases they were asking for trouble. Both comments are disrespectful and dishonoring, especially to parents.  The Fifth Commandment says to “Honor … Continue reading

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Stinky Cigarettes!

When our kids were small I did what my mother did with us—I talked to them about cigarettes. We’d drive past the nearby high school and see a group of teenagers on the corner smoking. I’d say, “Look, kids! Do … Continue reading

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The Truth About Santa

We may be followers of Jesus, but we are in the world and we need balance. We also want our children to be well-rounded. People of faith often wonder what to do about Santa Claus.  Some parents believe Santa is … Continue reading

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Devotions with Grandsons

We were sharing a hotel room with two of our young grandsons. I decided to have devotions before our bedtime prayer. I took out the Gideon Bible from the bedside table and began reading from the book of John.  I’d … Continue reading

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