I Can’t Forgive My Parents!

I was visiting with a sick, elderly friend. I never knew her to be a follower of Jesus,  yet she expected to go to heaven someday.  She told me the two people she did not look forward to seeing in … Continue reading

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Praising God is a Sacrifice?

An important lesson from my days doing jail ministry: We had just finished singing about bringing the “sacrifice of praise to the Lord,” when a 16-year-old incarcerated youth asked a question. “I don’t get it.  Why would singing praises to … Continue reading

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Do Christians Need to be Different?

A precious memory from my years doing jail ministry: I was speaking to a group of prisoners, explaining that many people claim to be Christian, but they live and act no differently than anyone else. If people are truly Christian, … Continue reading

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Teen’s Baptism Experience

As an online missionary with GMO (Global Media Outreach), most of my contacts are from overseas—but not all. “Grace” is a delightful 15-year-old from New Jersey, who has been growing in her faith. Recently she expressed a desire to be … Continue reading

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I’m Bad – God Doesn’t Want Me

A precious memory from my years doing youth-prison ministry: I am still rejoicing over 17-year-old Rosemary, a precious new friend.  She was incarcerated for six weeks and refused to come to Bible study during that time. Why?  She said she … Continue reading

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The Fourth Commandment

The Fourth Commandment instructs us to keep the Lord’s Day holy.  Notice it does not say to merely keep one hour holy.  Rather, the DAY is to be kept holy. Our daughter and I were reading Martha Finley’s Elsie Dinsmore … Continue reading

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Japanese Restaurant or Chinese?

My friend Mari and I were looking forward to having lunch in a Japanese restaurant. She had brought a DVD of The Jesus Movie and was hoping to share it with just the right person. We arrived at the front … Continue reading

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Fellowship on the Beach

Sunday at the beach we met a precious young family who stopped at our Bible Table on their way to fish off the pier. This happy group chatted awhile. Then Fran told her husband to go ahead with the older children … Continue reading

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Teen Can’t Read

I first met Monica when she was 16 and incarcerated for the eighth time. She told me she had multiple problems for which she took an abundance of medication. She said she had ADD—Attention Deficit Disorder.  She claimed she could … Continue reading

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Distraught Young Friend

I received a text from a distraught young friend:   “Kathleen, when you were young, what did you do to help calm yourself when your siblings were being mean to you?” “Hmm.  That was a long time ago.  Actually, I don’t … Continue reading

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