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The Most Exciting Day of Your Life

When her first grandchild was born she was ecstatic!  She exclaimed to her son-in-law, “Isn’t it wonderful?  Isn’t this the most exciting day of your life?” His reply:  “No, I can’t say that it is.”           … Continue reading

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Muslim Teen & the Occult

As an online missionary with Global Media Outreach, www.godlife.com, I receive many emails from people in Muslim majority countries. Susan, 16,  has written from the Middle East for over a year.  She’s had a fascination for vampire books and movies, … Continue reading

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No Broken Bones!

There were plenty of surfers and walkers along the beach promenade, but then a strong wind picked up.  We tried putting weights on our literature, but the wind became too strong!  We decided to pack up our Bibles and books … Continue reading

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Please Help Me!

It is my honor and privilege to be an online missionary for Global Media Outreach — http://www.globalmediaoutreach.com/  Some people write with challenging questions.  Then there are others.  Recently I received a letter from a troubled 21-year-old chemical engineering student from … Continue reading

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This Man’s Schizophrenia Gone!

I met Tom while he was in the medical unit at the county jail. He had attempted suicide several times, was on medication for schizophrenia and heard voices telling him to kill himself. We met weekly, speaking through the small … Continue reading

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Three Words

“Jesus loves you!” she said to the young mother with the sick child. “Jesus loves you!” she told the troubled wife. “Jesus loves you!” she called to the woman in the church lobby. “Jesus loves you!” heard the young new … Continue reading

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