One-Year-Old Prisoner!

Another precious memory from my years doing jail ministry: Jose was a prisoner with diabetes I visited nearly every week.  He was housed in the medical section of county jail and came to Christ at the age of 20.  I … Continue reading

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Lost Child

Carnival. Crowded. Lots of children, cousins, extended family. Then…our own three-year-old Matthew disappears. Panic!  Everyone scatters, searching. I stand motionless, not leaving the spot where he was last seen. “Oh Lord God, I praise and thank You because You know … Continue reading

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Christmas on the Pier

The Christmas season is the best time of year for sharing Christ on the pier!  Many people are simply out for a stroll enjoying the ocean view.   Others are fishing and waiting patiently for a tug on their line.   Some … Continue reading

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Stone Nativity Scene on Beach

I was doing a power walk with a friend when we spotted the stone nativity scene on the beach!  This is the third consecutive year the “rock guy” has graced our beach with his stone crèche.  The artist uses no … Continue reading

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The Miracle of the 18-Wheeler

It was dark and we were driving through a large, unfamiliar city—in the days before GPS.  The kids were in the back seat, one was asleep. We were looking for our hotel, but clearly we were lost. Dan made a … Continue reading

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Depression & Anxiety

A couple of months ago there were several articles that came out stating that of all professions, it’s medical doctors who have the highest incidence of stress, anxiety and depression. A young doctor who is a blogger wrote,  “My stress … Continue reading

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Heaven Bound ‘Cuz I’m Baptized

A young mother wrote that she and her newborn daughter had recently been baptized to secure their admission into heaven: “I was baptized last week with little Mikayla,  but now I’m scared. Does this mean I won’t see my grandparents … Continue reading

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Living at the River Bottom

One Sunday afternoon a homeless woman stopped at our Bible table at the beach.  Said her name was Bonnie and she lived at the river bottom. The river bottom is a popular dwelling place for the homeless in our community. It’s in a jungle … Continue reading

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Unmarried & Pregnant

A young couple who faithfully attended our college campus Bible study came to me privately: She was pregnant. I had mentored Jaime for two years. Her love for God and His Word were strong. I was disappointed with the news, … Continue reading

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It’s in the Bible? It MUST Be True!

I was 15-years-old when I noticed a truck parked on the street with a large Bible verse written across the side.  It said, “There is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.  1 Timothy 2:5.” … Continue reading

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