Pray for the Courts – Part 1

A courthouse can be a place of horrific emotion and stress. There is an attorney in our community whose staff members pray daily for their firm’s clients.  That attorney began to dream of a company of prayer warriors deployed daily … Continue reading

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Covid-19 Depression

What an honor and privilege for over a decade, to serve as an online missionary with Global Media Outreach – GMO.  Unfortunately, since March we have seen a marked increase in depression due to Covid-19. People from every continent are … Continue reading

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COVID-19 Fears

This month marks 11 years that I’ve been an online missionary with Global Media Outreach.  What an privilege and a blessing, reaching people throughout the world as they go online seeking answers to life’s challenges. Many of them want to … Continue reading

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Wrong Email

It was about a year ago that I emailed a young man who was asking for dating and courtship advice. It seems his email address is similar to another young man with the same name!   Unfortunately, the email went to … Continue reading

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Group Home – Teaching at the Beach

There was a great deal of activity around our Beach Bible table yesterday. But the highlight was the precious group of teenage girls from a group home. One girl said she rarely sees her parents. When they’re together she feels … Continue reading

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If America Falls

Nisha is a woman in India who writes to me via Global Media Outreach. She is growing in her Christian faith, but she is fearful: “We have always thought of America as strong and good. The world has looked to … Continue reading

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USSR & the Bible

The USSR was commonly known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.  It existed from 1922 until 1991.  Years ago, my husband Dan and I had the opportunity to spend three weeks in the USSR. I had read in Mark … Continue reading

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