Formula for Fixing Marriage?

As an online missionary with Global Media Outreach, I received a letter from a woman overseas.  She’d been married ten years, they have four children, but their marriage is falling apart.  They no longer speak unless it’s an argument about … Continue reading

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No Becomes YES!

Another precious memory from jail ministry: Remember Jose, the 20-year-old who came to Christ at the county jail?  His cellmate was Stephen,  an angry young man. Every week I would talk with Jose through the small pass-through opening in his door. … Continue reading

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I Cannot Kill My Baby!

It was February 13 and my husband Dan and I were traveling. He dropped me off while he went to park the car. While waiting I noticed a young woman walking toward me.  She looked as if she’d been crying … Continue reading

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The Telephone

The phone rang again.  Another solicitor.  It’s DAILY!   Most are automated recordings, but not all.  This one was live!  Perhaps the Lord wants me to reach out to him.  He asked if I needed a handy man. “No, I’m … Continue reading

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Please Pray! They Want to Kill Me!

One morning on the college campus a female student came to our table asking for prayer. She was afraid for her life.  She said some girls hated her and had threatened to kill her! We immediately gathered around her and … Continue reading

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Jesus Transforms Psychiatric Inmate

Remember Rosemary from the medical unit at the jail?  Her psychiatric symptoms diminished shortly after she surrendered her life to Jesus.  She was then transferred to a regular unit. During her first few weeks in jail she was concerned her … Continue reading


God Spoke to Me

Years ago when I gave my life to Jesus, His Holy Spirit came to indwell me, and then started changing me. I still remember that initial peace, joy and love. Yet there were changes as well. When God wanted me … Continue reading

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You Came to Me in Jail

One day while shopping in a popular chain store I noticed a sales clerk looking at me and smiling.  Later, I moved a few aisles over and there she was again—looking my way and smiling. Finally she came up and … Continue reading

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Praying for the Gardener

We have had the same gardener for ten years and he is dear to us.  He often brings his two teenage sons to work with him.  They come for two hours twice a month. Over the years I’ve shared the … Continue reading

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I Want to Come Back

Monique is a Caribbean teen I’ve been mentoring via Global Media Outreach. She began writing ten months ago, several times a week.  She’s intelligent, writes well and asks profound questions, which led me to believe she was an older teen. … Continue reading

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