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On the Beach in Mexico

We recently visited a beach community in Mexico.  Some in our group were nervous about the high crime rate.  Do we dare take a walk on the beach?  It was 10 AM and seemed safe enough to me.  We started … Continue reading

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The Obscene Phone Call

Remember the old days before caller ID, when people would sometimes receive obscene phone calls?   I used to wonder what I’d do if I ever received one.  I thought most likely I’d hang up. Then one day it happened, and … Continue reading

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Suffering in Obedience to God

I read an extraordinary book I wish all could read:  The Insanity of God by Nik Ripken. It’s a collection of testimonies from our brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering around the world today—persecuted for their faith in … Continue reading

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Seven Seconds of Boldness

I once heard that “Seven seconds of boldness can change a life.”  I think about that phrase often, especially when I see an opportunity. A few days before Easter I took some invitations for Easter Sunday Church to hand out … Continue reading

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Rebellion, Drugs, Then Jesus

My friend Jessica has an amazing story.  Raised in a Christian home with a mother who faithfully prayed for her, Jessica had a rebellious spirit and a drug addiction. Her disobedience often resulted in trouble. One day she prayed asking God … Continue reading

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Killing Christians

I recently read Killing Christians: Living the Faith Where It’s Not Safe to Believe  by Tom Doyle… http://www.killingchristiansbook.com/  He also wrote Dreams and Visions.  He begins by explaining that the Church in America is not strong because the Church in … Continue reading

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Love Advice in a Restaurant

While eating in a restaurant Lauria and Del noticed a young woman sitting alone.  Soon a young man arrived and she hurried to his embrace. They returned to the table holding hands and smiling. It was hard not to notice … Continue reading

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A 15-Year-Old Wants Jesus

I was leading a Bible study for incarcerated teens when I noticed a boy sitting alone two tables away. He was looking the other direction, but his ear was toward me. After awhile he moved to a closer table, still … Continue reading

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Has Following Jesus Changed You?

“Has following Jesus Christ been life-changing for you?  If so, how?”  This question was directed to a contact from GMO (Global Media Outreach).  Her response: “I used to stress about my life, money and relationships. I used to feel lonely, … Continue reading

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We Moved in Together

I met Mario at the beach today. He spoke of his love for his 4-year-old daughter whom he gets to see three times a week. I asked if he’d ever been married to her mother.           … Continue reading

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