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Escape from North Korea

Her feet barely touched the dirt road as she fled for her life.  But  Po  suddenly stopped in her tracks.  Her eyes widened, staring at the rushing, icy river separating her life of slavery in North Korea and the Chinese … Continue reading

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Sexual Abuse

A special memory from my days doing jail ministry: One evening after Bible study at the jail, an inmate asked if she could talk with me privately. Judy told me her 15-year-old son had experienced repeated sexual abuse by the … Continue reading

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Muslim with a Gun

I attended a seminar on the beliefs and practices of Islam by Rev. Mateen Elass, Ph.D.  It was held in a local church and widely advertised. Upon arriving at the church, I was surprised to see a security guard at … Continue reading

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Praying for the Persecuted Church

Four years ago some of us started a weekly prayer meeting to pray specifically for the persecuted Church and the world. In addition to our time of evening prayer, some of us make it a day for fasting–as we are … Continue reading

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Spiritual Warfare

As an online missionary for Global Media Outreach, I received an email a few weeks ago, from one of my contacts in Nigeria.  He expressed grave concern: “The Hausa Fulani Muslims come into our village slaughtering Christians almost every day.  … Continue reading

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My Grandmother’s Childhood

As a 9th grader, our son’s English assignment was to interview an older relative and then write his/her story.  He chose to interview his grandmother, my mom.  The following is his narrative. My grandmother was the youngest of four children. … Continue reading

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Superhuman Forgiveness: The Cross

This story comes from a Chinese house church pastor who was arrested and held for three weeks.  He says his experience was going with Christ to the Garden and to the Cross.  Today he explains The Cross: This is what … Continue reading

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