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Incarcerated 14-year-old & God

A special memory from my years doing ministry with the incarcerated: I met Marten at the juvenile facility.  He’s 14 and incarcerated for the first time. He came to our Bible study because he said he’d  “met God” a few … Continue reading

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Dial-A-Story for Kids

Our kids enjoyed talking on the phone when they were small.  Years ago children could Dial-A-Story and listen to a recorded Bible story provided by Child Evangelism Fellowship. The story changed weekly. I used to have Dial-A-Story and its phone number … Continue reading

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Does Prayer Work?

My friend Crystal sent out an urgent prayer request via email. Her adult son is afflicted with severe tinnitus—ringing in the ears.  He is not a follower of Jesus. John’s tinnitus began three years ago, but at this time it’s so … Continue reading

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How Can I Make Friends?

As an online missionary for Global Media Outreach, I’ve been mentoring Susan in the Middle East, for about three years.  She’s now a university freshman.  She wrote, “I am shy and handicapped in making friendships. How exactly can I make … Continue reading

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The First Two Commandments

I used to work with incarcerated youth.  The first time I’d meet with them, I’d explain the gospel message, beginning with the Bible’s teaching that we are all sinners in need of a Savior—and there is only One.  But sometimes … Continue reading

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Beach Ministry With Music

There were six of us at the beach table, and a productive time it was! Renee brought her accordion and I had my guitar and together we praised the Lord in music. A clean-cut young father asked for prayer. He … Continue reading

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Teacher Power

When I was 15 our high school had over a dozen YMCA clubs on campus.  I belonged to one. Whether we were male or female, we still belonged to the Young Men’s Christian Association. I used to wonder about that, … Continue reading

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Stinky Cigarettes!

When our kids were small I did what my mother did with us—I talked to them about cigarettes. We’d drive past the nearby high school and see a group of teenagers on the corner smoking. I’d say, “Look, kids! Do … Continue reading

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Bedtime Snack with Dad

When I was a teenager the lights were out by 10 PM.  Often around 10:30 or 11, while studying in my room or reading in bed, I’d see the reflection of the kitchen light go on. I’d hear the refrigerator … Continue reading

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First Date

A young couple was on their first date. Both were in their twenties and both were followers of Jesus.  The young man opened the door of the car for the young lady,  then he went to the driver’s side. Before … Continue reading

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