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Palm Reader – “I Can’t Read You”

It was over ten years ago that Pam began seeing a palm reader.  She had a standing appointment with her reader every month.   Then a friend invited her to church. Pam had never been to church and thought it … Continue reading

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Repent? What’s Repent?

Years ago a friend invited me to Bible study.  I said, “No thanks, I’m not interested.” She persisted. “We’ll get lunch afterward and we’ll have a good time!  I’ll be at your house at 8:30 tomorrow, so be ready!” I … Continue reading

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The Fifth Commandment – or Who Cares!

We trained our kids NOT to say “I don’t care!” or “Who cares!”  If they uttered either of these phrases they were asking for trouble. Both comments are disrespectful and dishonoring, especially to parents.  The Fifth Commandment says to “Honor … Continue reading

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Keep Praying! Let’s See What God Does!

That day there were only two of us working the Bible table at the beach.  Josh is a tall, muscular young man, with a deep love for Christ. We had just finished praying for a man who had asked for … Continue reading

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Religion vs. Christianity

There are perhaps hundreds of religions in the world today, but the five major religions are: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism.  It has been said that true Christianity is not a religion, but a relationship with a risen Savior. … Continue reading

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Ten Reasons We Know the Bible is True

As a former volunteer Bible study facilitator in our local jail, inmates have asked,  “Just because you say the Bible is true, how do we know for sure?” I appreciate people who are thinkers. After all, who am I?  So … Continue reading

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Beach Fun

Sunday afternoon our team headed to the beach promenade to give away free books and Bibles. We were still unloading when people began arriving in groups! One man was carrying a large backpack of food and clothing to give to … Continue reading

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First Kiss on Wedding Day?

I sometimes ask the incarcerated minors in my Bible study, “Is it easy to allow Jesus Christ to be Number One in your life?  Is it easy to make Him your Lord?” They’ll typically answer, “Yeah, it’s easy.” Then I … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Talking to Someone! We Need to Pray!

The best part about traveling is meeting the people.  We were blessed with a cruise to the Caribbean. Whenever we went ashore I brought my tracts with me. I began engaging people in the shops and on the streets by … Continue reading

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A Grandmother’s Love

Our daughter had married and moved to a distant city.  Two years later the first grandchild arrived and then the second. How we loved them! One day while visiting I said,   “Do you know how much you love your … Continue reading

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