God’s Faithfulness in the Jungle

Once a month Drs. Matt and Sarah would fly with their children to a mining village to purchase supplies.  One day a well-dressed man approached them, introducing himself as Martin from the copper mine.  He was curious.  What was a … Continue reading

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Bedtime Devotions with Kids

When our kids were small, we watched very little TV—and none in the evenings. By 7 PM the kids were fed, bathed and sitting in our bed waiting for story time and prayer. I would read children’s devotionals and Bible … Continue reading

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Jungle Doctors

This was the first time on the mission field for medical doctors, Mitch and Sue. They had brought along their small children to live in this remote jungle serving tribal people. It was the end of their first week when … Continue reading

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Pre-med Students In Africa

Our young friend Liam is still an undergrad, but hopes to someday be accepted to medical school.  His Christian university organized a six-week medical mission trip for pre-med  students to be a support to the medical missionaries at a hospital … Continue reading

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Friends Sharing Jesus

Friend Number One:  She’s a grandmother and a widow.  Every Saturday at 11 AM the neighborhood kids gather in her living room to hear a Bible story while eating popcorn. They will sing some Jesus songs, learn a Bible memory verse … Continue reading

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