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Gay Identity Confusion

Annie and Jason were two kids I loved and watched grow up. When they needed money I’d put them to work doing odd jobs. They loved my cooking. Perhaps it was because they were young that they’d always devour whatever … Continue reading

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Come With Me To Bible Study!

I began walking with a new neighbor, Anne-Marie.  On our second walk I invited her to Bible study. She said she’d never been to a Bible study before, but perhaps it might be good for her. Three days later she … Continue reading

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The Shaman

It was a short flight and I found myself seated next to a lovely woman traveling to a Shamanic Retreat where she would teach a workshop on shamanism. I silently prayed,  “Oh Lord, I believe You arranged for me to … Continue reading

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It’s All Good! – Is It?

The popular phrase “It’s all good” is often used in the most inappropriate ways. A woman I know became bored in her marriage.  She found a boyfriend and moved in with him, leaving her teenagers with her husband.  Today she … Continue reading

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Praying to Mary

A Roman Catholic friend sent an email asking people to pray the Hail Mary for the Pope.  I explained that I would be happy to pray for the Pope, but I could not pray the Hail Mary. I didn’t want … Continue reading

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Your Bride is Now Your Responsibility

It had been two months since Susan and Mark’s wedding.  One day Mark found himself alone with Susan’s mom. “Mark, I’m curious. Do you ever pray for Susan?” “Sure I do. We pray together every night before bed.” “Excellent. But … Continue reading

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A Tour of Hell

I dreamed I was on a bus tour—a tour into the bowels of hell. The bus entered a cavern and descended a rugged mountain road. The air became warm and humid. As we progressed downward I began to smell sulfur. … Continue reading

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Why Are You So Different?

It was March and cheerleading was over.  In just three months my young friend Annie would graduate high school with honors. Meanwhile, she landed a part-time waitressing job that would keep her in spending money until she left for the … Continue reading

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Demonic Scream

A young father and son walked near our Bible table at the beach.  The child was perhaps 3-years-old.  The father was covered with tattoos and body piercings. Both of them had matching hair–purple mohawks! I smiled and said, “Hello. This … Continue reading

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Living Water for a Surfer

A surfer stopped by our table at the beach and I offered him a free Bible. He said, “I can’t believe this!  Two weeks ago I was in a car accident and I should have died.  Instead, I walked away!  … Continue reading

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