Nirvana? Reincarnation?

Our guide in Myanmar explained that Myanmar  (formerly Burma) is the most religious Buddhist country in the world.  This is in terms of the proportion of monks in the population and the proportion of income spent on religion. A Buddhist’s … Continue reading

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Talking About Jesus – On a Plane

I was sitting next to a man on a plane—said his name was Bill.  It was a short, one-hour flight. I was a new Christian and wanted to share the Lord with him. But what would I say? Whatever I … Continue reading

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A Friend Died Today

What a shock to receive an early morning text from her daughter: “My mom passed away at 5:30 AM today.  Thank you for being her friend.” Sue was a dear friend.  We exercised together and sometimes walked on the beach … Continue reading

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Traveling Missionaries

We were traveling in Eastern Europe as river cruise missionaries. Well actually, I was the missionary, while my husband who still is not YET a believer, was kind enough to accompany me.  My plan was to reach out to lost … Continue reading

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Medical Community Reaches Out

Dr. Tim saw Marta in the Emergency Department. After hearing her sad story, he asked her to wait until he was off duty.  He then drove her to the food store.  She did her shopping and he paid. Then he … Continue reading

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God’s Word Speaks to Teens

A treasured memory from the past: I started something new with the incarcerated teens. In addition to our regular lesson, I brought an envelope filled with small pieces of paper with Bible verses on one side.  The verses were either … Continue reading

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Muslim Searching for Truth

Recently while traveling, I became acquainted with the manager in our hotel gift shop. He said he was a Muslim from Morocco. I asked him a few questions about his country and about his faith. He said he used to … Continue reading

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Ghosts in China

I was walking along the beach promenade with a friend when we spotted two  girls trying to take a selfie of themselves with the high surf in the background. I asked if I could help them out by taking a … Continue reading

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Forgiveness Form Letters

It is not easy to ask forgiveness. Yet as followers of Jesus, God expects us to take care of personal business before we take care of the spiritual.   “Therefore if you are offering your gift at the altar and there … Continue reading

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Baby Talk—Or Isaiah 55:11?

I loved our babies passionately. I would smother their faces with kisses, just as my mother would do with us. I was also passionate about God, and I yearned for our children to have that same passion. I enjoyed talking … Continue reading

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