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Anxiety Attack Solution

Eight-year-old Alex was experiencing anxieties. His mother asked him to bring a note pad and pencil and write some instructions for what to do when this happens.  She didn’t know what she would tell him to write, but she was … Continue reading

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Jesus Is Your Lord? NOT!

We met a young man fishing on the pier alone.  We visited for awhile before I offered him a good news booklet about Jesus. He said, “Actually, I made  Jesus my Lord and Savior two years ago!   But I’ve stopped … Continue reading

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My Second-Best Decision

The best decision of my life was when I chose to surrender my life to Jesus Christ.  My second-best decision was five years later.  It was the decision to commit to spending five minutes a day reading the Bible and … Continue reading

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Surrendered Your Life to Jesus? Did it Change You?

One night at the juvenile facility I asked Francisco if he’d noticed a change since he surrendered his life to Jesus. He said, “Ever since that night I feel more relaxed.  I don’t have stress like before.  I have a … Continue reading

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Can I Have Sex Now?

A 20-year-old man from a country in West Africa has been writing through GMO (Global Media Outreach). He is growing in the Lord, studying his Bible and involved in his church. He recently wrote that he would like to have … Continue reading

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Satan, Author of Every Curse

Recently, as an online missionary for Global Media Outreach, I received the following letter from a contact in India: Dear K,  Someone put on me a spell of black magic to harm my life. I have been facing health problems … Continue reading

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Big Brian—The Gentle Giant

Brian was big—yet I knew he was gentle. At 17, he began sharing his new faith with the other incarcerated teens. Sometimes because of his size, the younger ones felt compelled to agree with him. One night he was waiting … Continue reading

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Do You Know About Teen Challenge?

In 1968 Teen Challenge of Southern California was in its 5th years.  Tom was in his 22nd year.  He was 6’1″ but weighed just 135 pounds.  Drugs were killing him.  When he got arrested again, his probation officer offered two … Continue reading


From Prostitution To Jesus

My friend Anita is a beautiful and godly woman.  She and her husband are leaders in their church.  They love the Lord Jesus and are quick to obey Him when it comes to serving others.  Anita is a singer and … Continue reading

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Glioblastoma Brain CA & Prayer

My friend Eileen passed away recently from Glioblastoma–brain cancer.  During her final months she went to live with her sister in a distant city. I kept in touch with Eileen by phone, but in her last weeks she could no longer talk. However, … Continue reading

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